our route (on Trip30)

We took our final test this morning, ASA 104, and I passed. Yea! It was definitely the hardest test. Lots of calculations about fuel consumption and distance.

We celebrated with some practice of our man over board procedures! We would throw our fender dressed in a life jacket, which we named “Bob”, over-board, and then take turns on the helm, as the spotter, the hooker, and being on the sails. We practiced both the quick stop and the figure 8 methods, and I really prefer the figure 8! It is sort of counter-intuitive because it takes longer and it’s not the most direct method back to the person in the water, but it gives you a little more time to prepare to pick the person up, and it doesn’t involve jibing or the jib whacking you in the head while you try to hook the person.

mount baker

Mount Baker in the distance

I actually got to talk to my family today. Both girls were really fun on the phone, not always true as those of you with small children can attest. I was especially surprised with how well spoken Lorelei was. She had really well formed and funny stories to tell me. She is growing up so fast. It sounds like they have been having lots of fun with Daddy while I’m away. Today they are preparing for hurricane Erika. Hopefully it won’t come, but they are stocking up on water and extra dock lines just in case.

We anchored in Pleasant Bay tonight, right off the coast of Bellingham, and we will head back to Bellingham Bay tomorrow morning. One last fun dinner with the ladies. I’m going to miss them!

rowing for foil

rowing to Kipper Kite to borrow some tin foil

Robin on the grill

Robin at her post on the grill

sunset in pleasent bay

A gorgeous sunset and an almost full moon over Pleasant Bay