I've had a really busy week on Lark.

Mom and Dad came to help out with some work on the cockpit floor and it's feeling much more solid, so that's great.  That's the biggest thing. I ended up working on it for a total of probably 12 hours this week altogether.

I replaced all 5 of the main overhead light fixtures with new LED fixtures.  The lighting is much nicer in here now.  I replaced the fixtures in the galley, head, and over the nav table with fixtures that switch between white and red.  Over the settees I installed fixtures with two levels of white for nice softly lit evenings.

I replaced the galley foot pump with a brand new Whale Gusher MK III.

I installed the first 12V DC charging receptacles this old girl's ever had aboard.  It's a cool triple receptacle from West.  I have 2 more of those to install.  I'm planning to put one in the cockpit pedestal and one in the saloon.

I've got a new propane solenoid that just arrived today to replace the old one which I discovered last weekend emitting a visible cloud of propane vapor from a hairline crack in the housing.  That was exciting.  It'll be good to replace that, plus the rusty old pressure valve, for which I also just received a nice shiny new brass replacement.  So I'll be doing that this next week.  Of course all this new propane plumbing will be fit to our spiffy new fiberglass Viking cylinders to replace the old Lites which no one can legally fill anymore.

I need to post a roundup of all the stuff we've repaired and replaced since buying Lark a little over a year ago.  Soon.

West Marine pro tip:  If you have a $200 order on the web site, enter coupon code WMAFF to get $15 off your order.  If you have a $400 order, figure out how to break it into two $200 orders and you can use the code twice.  I've used it 3 times the past couple months.