I'm so excited! I'm going to take a sailing course out of Bellingham, Washington in the end of August. The course covers three ASA (American Sailing Association) certificates. Not only do I plan on learning a lot, but I can't wait to explore the San Juans!

Check out the schedule for the class!

Day 1 - Sucia Island. A brisk sail across Bellingham Bay to Lummi Island, up scenic Hale Passage, to the most popular of the marine parks.
Day 2 - Stuart Island. Cruise through Dahl's Porpoise territory southwest along Orcas Island to Prevost or Reid Harbors. Both are part of a state park. There is a very nice walk (about an hour each way) from both anchorages to Lover's Leap and the Turn Point Lighthouse.
Day 3 - Roche Harbor. Visit this historic (circa 1880s) resort and marina on San Juan Island to do some docking practice and wander the gardens while enjoying an ice cream cone.
Day 4 - Friday Harbor. Sail around San Juan Island to Friday Harbor, the largest village in the San Juan Islands. Explore this bustling town and enjoy dinner out.
Day 5 – Rosario Resort. Cruise past Shaw and into the center of the islands to this stately resort in East Sound (Orcas Island). Tour the historic mansion, enjoy a swim or hot tub, or hike up to Cascade Lake in Moran State Park.
Day 6 - Inati Bay. Sail east through Obstruction Pass, drop anchor here on Lummi Island.
Day 7 - Bellingham. A morning sail across Bellingham Bay completes your circuit, though truthfully you have tasted but a tiny sample of the delights of the San Juans.