It was a great day for sailing, and we were finally able to get the sails up! Jacob did so much work on the halyards while we were in Marathon that we were able to put up both the jib and the staysail. Unfortunately the Main halyard was twisted so we weren’t able to get that one up. 

We pulled in nice and early to Las Olas Marina right downtown. We were a little worried that this was going to be a very expensive week with all the marinas we'd called charging over $3 a foot per night. Thankfully we found this municipal marina which is much more reasonably priced. 

I really wanted to stay at a marina because of the heat. We have air conditioning but it only works when we are plugged in. The days have been getting up to 85 degrees and that makes it really sticky in the boat! Since it was Mother’s Day, Jacob let me twist his arm and find a marina. 

side tied in No Name Harbor, giving Sweet Pea one last potty break before we hit the road
story time with Daddy

The staysail and the jib

Audrey did some rainbow looming for Sweet Pea on the trip