Government Cut - No Name Harbor

With the exhausting antics of the night before we decided to make it an easy day. After froggering out the shipping channels, this time in daylight at least, we made it back to the open ocean for some beautiful sailing. The water was lovely, and the breeze was perfect! 

We pulled into No Name Harbor, at the top of Biscayne Bay around 2p, but it was just a little busy, so deciding where to anchor was tricky for us. I think it will start to come more easily with practice, but deciding exactly how far to get away from people is sometimes a conundrum in a crowded anchorage. While we got settled we had some wonderful dolphins playing around us, and the harbor was very pretty! We took a short dinghy ride to the Cuban restaurant ashore and had sangria while we watched Lark in the anchorage. Poor Jacob and Sweet Pea had a little mishap getting from the dinghy up to the sea wall, and they both took a swim. After getting the dog back on land, Jacob had to go back in for his favorite hat (one we found at a little heli-lodge in British Columbia).

Lorelei really wanted us to eat this, but I think it was a little past its prime. Plus, I'm not even sure how to do that! 

the walk to the beach

Then we all walked to the beach. It is supposedly one of the top 10 beaches in the US. It was pretty nice, but unfortunately there was a lot of trash. It was probably because we closed the place and it is spring break, but I feel like I have definitely seen better. The gorgeous lighthouse in the background was really cool though. The girls and I got a little lost on the way home and didn’t get back to the dinghy dock until well after dark. They were both asleep before I could even shut the door to their room!

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Lorelei could not resist touching this mermaid's butt

No Name Harbor at night