I got that smelly propane connection fixed and in the process completed my first 12v maintenance task.  First of many no doubt.  

I was going to try to replace my frayed outhaul, which runs inside the boom.  I had this great idea to take the new line, stitch it end-to-end to the old line then pull the old line out, thereby pulling the new line through.  Everything went fine until I went to pull the old one out and discovered the line I was pulling was not the line I had just itched the new one to. but a line that is somehow shackled to that line inside the boom.  I have no idea how to get at it in there.  So for now I'lleave the old outhaul but I've cut off the fraying part so it'll just be kinda short.

April did a beautiful job patching our cockpit canvas.  It looks really nice.