The divers came last week and scrubbed the bottom, the prop and the shaft clean, so we were able to squeeze another 500 rpm out of old Perky.  

We made a run outside on Saturday into some lumpy stuff.  It was a blast with everyone all jack-lined and tethered and harnessed in.  Glad we choose to go with both wind and tide favorable for the return, as the conditions outside jarred loose a bunch of tank sediment and OP conked out with a high vacuum and a bowl of junk in the Racor shortly after we made it back inside.  We whipped out the jib, which we had just the night before bent on, and had an easy sail to the turning basin where we set the Fortress and waited for Tow Boat. 

Once the polisher finishes with our fuel tank on Wednesday I'll have the long-awaited opportunity to bleed OP,  which odds are, I'll get to do more than once during the upcoming trip.

I'm working on a way to carry the CQR in the roller and the Fortress on the rail without letting it interact with the jib.  Other last minute items are to seal up the leaky spot in the bilge pump hose, change OP's oil, and work out how to lash the dink on deck.