Did you ever have one of those days when you told everyone not to use the toilet because you had the pump pulled apart because it was splashing salt water around the bathroom whenever anyone flushed it?  But then they all forgot and used it anyway?  So then you needed to pump out a day's worth of pee but when you went to get out your handy all-purpose pump it was still oily and I mean really oily from a couple days ago when you changed the oil in the old tractor engine that you keep in the living room? So then you cleaned that thing up and made a trip over to the neighborhood hazmat dump to get rid of the oil and came back and pumped all the pee out and took it over to the neighborhood shower and poured it into the toilet there and then you were rinsing the bucket on the pier and your brand new flipflop ended up going for a swim?  And it was low tide so you couldn't reach your flipflop from the pier even if you were lying on your stomach?  And then by the time you got back with the boat hook you had to fight a catfish who had plans for the flipflop and kept starting to swim off with it?  

And the toilet was still busted?  

If so, then you just might be a liveaboard.