Mack picked up the main and jib today.  I discovered that the second to the top batten was missing its paddle and was poking a hole through the luff end of the pocket.  So they'll take care of that too.  Colin said that the sailmaker should have put a batten car on to prevent that, so maybe we'll spring for one.

April picked up the set of new gaskets and seals for the Raritan from Marine Liquidators so I can dive into that project at any point now.

The whole wet core thing has thrown me for a loop.  I've read Casey on how to attack the problem but he's pretty high-level about it.  I'll need to watch some videos on it I guess.

I'm puzzled about how and when to do "grinding" and what that even means beyond the fact that the marina will almost certainly not let me do it in the slip. Head over to Cracker Boy I guess?  The girls will not like that.

It's so tempting to just lay down some plywood and try to forget about the problem, but I'm not going down that road.  As a stopgap, yes I will put down plywood, but I will not let this thing drag on unaddressed.

For now, I'll get started with tapping.