We took Lark out to the turning basin and practiced our man overboard procedures. We threw a buoy over, nick-named Captain Jack, and then retrieved it, three times. Man overboard procedures are a little counter-intuitive. Instead of just turning around immediately and heading back to the person in the water, you are supposed to sail a beam-reach, perpendicular to the wind, make a figure 8 and then swing back towards the person, but not too close and always down wind. I guess the reason for the figure 8, is to give the crew enough time to get their act together and get in position. It is surprising how quickly the whole thing happens. The girls were the spotters. Audrey, who is currently our resident contrarian, hated the job, until we gave it to Lorelei, then she really wanted it back, so they both did it! The spotters job is to watch the person in the water no matter what, point at them and never take their eyes off of them.

We saw tons of dolphins too!

riding the bow

getting goofy