We took care of a lot of stuff this weekend. 

On Saturday we gave Lark a good cleaning belowdecks and finally finished unpacking the Nissan from moving off of dirt a couple weeks back.

Today we got the beautiful new Magma grill installed; repaired the door to the girls' cabin, which had been coming unglued; and did Cap'n Jack's suggested stopgap repair for the deck crack of drilling small holes at each end of the crack and the epoxying the thing for its length.  

Finally, I removed the old cowling vent bases to make room for the new ones we ordered.  I was dismayed to find that each was installed in a hole cut through the deck without even attempting to seal the core.  Well, for what it was worth I went ahead and sealed it myself.

So a good boat weekend even if the howling winds and plummeting temperatures did keep us tied securely to the dock.