We have lived aboard for 45 days and it feels like the most normal thing in the world now.  Boring almost.  We need to go somewhere.

We've plotted out a series of mini-cruises of increasing levels of challenge and logistical complexity as an exercise to identify the things we need to get and do to get going.  Without further ado:

Vero marina
  • MOB practice
  • anchoring practice
  • backup VHF
  • fix leaky bilge pump hose
  • jacklines, harnesses, horseshoe pfd, heaving line
Vero mooring field
  • all above
  • real dinghy
  • figure out how to get ourselves and P from the boat to the dinghy and vice versa
  • sort out holding tank
  • sort out drinking water, shock tanks
  • sort out battery capacity and charging
  • anchor lights
Melbourne on the inside
    • all above
    • fix leaky fuel tank
    • a way for P to poop and pee aboard
    • engine blower hoses
    Port Canaveral on the outside
    • all above
    • backup GPS
    • night sailing
    • navigation lights
    • running rigging maintenance/repair (staysail furling line, outhaul)
    • sail repair (torn sun guard on jib, small tear in batten pocket on main)
    • fix wind turbine mount
    • replace propane solenoid
    • fix rub rail
    • engine spares
    • finish lifeline nets
    • fix staysail furler
    • bend on staysail
    • stress test, possibly replace bilge pumps
    • manual bilge pump
    • test autopilot
    • all above
    • internet scouting
    • wifi booster
    • charts
    • fix leaky mast boot
    • all above
    • charts
    • passports