We celebrated Lorelei's 4th birthday in the way we have become accustomed to celebrating: for an entire week! She seemed to really enjoy it, and we managed to fit in a nice mix of family time, little kids and cake. It was a little tricky picking presents this year, given our space restrictions. We decided on a xylophone because she really likes music and she kept talking about playing in a band with her sister.  Her sister gave her a first aid kit, which she adores, and carries with her everywhere. Unfortunately, she has already run through all of her bandaids...but she still likes to pull out the tweezers and work on all of her pretend splinters.

It is so hard to believe that she is 4 already, although I can't imagine our lives without her anymore, like she has been here forever. The day she was born our hospital room was infested (like hundreds) with lady bugs (it was really weird), and instead of being grossed out, I thought of it as a sign that she was our little lucky lady bug. Even at just one day old, all the lady bugs were drawn to her amazing flame. She brings so many smiles, and laughs and so much excitement into our lives everyday!
Opening her beloved first aid kit
We spent the day at Sea World with GranMiri and Papa on her actual birthday

riding the tea cups

We had a fun little party in the pavilion at the marina and all of the boat kids joined us.

princesses in a box
The birthday mural everybody created
 GranMiri and I planned a fairy tea party too, and it was such a pretty party! Lorelei had a blast!

Our cousin Melissa painted faces for the party, and she is SO talented!
the men dressed as elves 

running with Jack
they are so cute together!

Will getting his face painted in a woodland theme

straightening Papa's hat


playing with the goody bags