We took Lark out again this morning, and it went well. I drove her out, and Jacob brought her back into the slip. Again, we missed it on the first approach. Jacob made an amazing standing turn though, as if it was nothing and then backed it right back in.

It looks like our fridge is broken. At first we thought it was just getting accidentally switched off, but when the problem persisted, we called in our go-to fridge guy Jim. It looks like we have a coolant leak. We just replaced the entire refrigeration unit, and we were hoping that would be the end of it, but I guess not. Oh well. While we wait for the parts to come in we are using it like a cooler, and just adding ice to it every day. It is pretty tricky digging through the ice as you root around the pit. Needless to say we have been eating out a little more lately.

We had some cool weather last weekend, where our one cozy blanket was not enough. I had to cover the girls with towels too so they could sleep. It was actually lovely, and made us feel like we had a little taste of real fall. The weather inspired us to make some fleece blankets. It was a project our sweet neighbor Linda suggested. Linda went with us and girls picked out their own fabrics, and then cut and tied some custom blankets for their berths. They loved it! Now we are ready for those semi-chilly winter nights!
we took a little nature hike after our trip to the fabric store

hiking with our friend Linda
Lorelei's blanket
Linda helping Audrey work on her blanket