We took Lark to sea for the first time on Sunday! It was totally spontaneous. We had a scheduled lesson with Captain Jack, and we thought we would practice docking and fueling. Instead, on the way out of the marina, we said, ‘want to go out the inlet?' The tides and wind were perfect so we motored out, and as soon as we got past the second sea buoy, we raised the main and unfurled jib (two different sails). We turned off the engine, and it was so peaceful out there. At one point we made it up to 6 knots. The girls loved it, and Lorelei kept saying, ‘Look, Lark is flying!' We stayed out for about 2 and a half hours and sailed in without the engine, and only turned it on before we entered back into the marina. Jacob did the docking, and got our behemoth (at least to us) back into our slip on the first try. It was a very successful day. 

raising the main
sailing selfies

Tonight we had another first. I actually cooked something on the stove. We had tacos (a very purposefully simple meal), and I browned the meat using my new pan. It all went very well. The only complications were, first, I could not find a spatula, so I had to use a plastic spoon, and, second, when you need the counter to chop, and you are using the stove, getting into the refrigerator is impossible. Every bit of counter space serves double duty around here!