pretty sheet fabric
I think this time we really are going to move aboard! 2 weeks and counting, and barring some catastrophic event, we will be living and sleeping on our boat by October 15th. There is SO SO much to do! I have always been a bit of a procrastinator, for example, in college, even though I said I was working on a paper weeks in advance because I had been thinking about what I would write, I never actually started typing until a day or two before hand, and was usually up all night the day before it was due. Unfortunately, I don't think this experience is panning out any differently. I have been planning and conceptualizing the bedding for our boat for months now...I ordered it, and ironed it, and now it sits! To be fair, I have a lot of other things on my plate, like homeschooling, and feeding my family, swim club, and yoga class, but I think it is time to get on it!

Yoga with Ms. Susan

riding to the pool

exploring Ft. Pierce

Thankfully my dad is planning to come to town next week and give us a hand. I'm hoping he can help us get some shelves in our hanging lockers, so we can put our clothes on the boat.  Jacob and I made a drawing of the entire boat with all of its storage spaces, so that we can plan where we will cram all of our stuff!

Here is a partial list of what we still need to get done:

  • shopping: pillows, dog bed, dog bowls, toiletry tote, dishes, silverware, baking dish or two that fit in our tiny oven, tupperware for fridge, produce bags
  • put up lifeline netting
  • pack up the condo
  • paint the galley cabinets (they have been stripped, but need a fresh coat before putting groceries and dishes in them)
  • install shelving in the hanging lockers
  • build a dock step (mostly for Sweet Pea)
  • get an ethernet adaptor
  • clean out the the head (currently serving as a giant storage locker)
  • clean other storage spaces to make room for our stuff
  • install shelf over AC and fridge
  • remove speakers
  • finish priming and painting the engine and new bracket
  • much much more...

In other news, our cousin Will turned 6, and we got to go to his fun birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. The girls were in heaven! We haven't been to a good kiddie birthday party in months and months, and they loved it. Papa also had a birthday this week, and we got to spend a nice morning with him and GranMiri celebrating.

breakfast for Papa's birthday 
a mosaic of Florida and the 'keys'
exploring the Driftwood Inn with GranMiri and Papa