We're 2 weeks in to living aboard.  Some things have gone better and others worse than expected.

The small space and large crowd haven't been a big deal in terms of friction between personalities.  Parenting is difficult just as it was ashore.

April has been struggling with the rather severe limitations of our galley.  It didn't help that the refrigeration died over the weekend due to a coolant leak, leading to the loss of no small amount of groceries.

Sweet Pea has had the most significant struggles adapting to life aboard but even she is adjusting: she goes down the companionway without assistance; and I believe would go up likewise with the addition of some fiddles on the backs of the steps.  She has been boarding and landing on her own depending on the tides.  At high tide she takes some convincing.

Internet access for my job has turned out to be a piece of cake, no thanks to the marina's wifi offering, but thanks entirely to the wired service in their lounge.

Maintenance and repairs have provided no shortage of growth opportunities.

Feeling at home has come very easily for us.  Sailing our home has been a joy.  The neighbors have been generous, encouraging, and inspiring.

Our instructor, Cap'n Jack, has brought us a couple thrilling ideas for learning experiences:  One is for him to accompany us on a day trip up the River to Vero Beach and then return on our own.  The other is for me to accompany him on a delivery job from Jacksonville to Ft. Pierce next week if it comes through.

We are excited to see what happens next!