It's the end of our 10th day as liveaboards.  It's a blast.  It's a joy to clean our tiny home in little more time than it takes to think of it.  It's so sweet to feel her rock.  It's such fun to peddle away as we do the dishes.  It's great all sitting around our sunny, breezy little table in the mornings for school.  We're so lucky.

This weekend I'm hoping to fix the head; fix the girl's door, which is coming unglued; take the girls fishing with their new rod; take them paddling in our dinghy; finish up the lifeline netting; clean the boat above and below; further customize Sweet Pea's dock step (shorter, with the addition of some texture); get some diesel; check fluids; get cowlings; get propane; shock the water tanks; tape some small tears on the sails; get some new flares; get a logbook; and go sailing.  I might not get to everything.

We invited ourselves aboard and had a wonderful visit with the crew of s/v Texas Two Step, a Leopard 38 sailed by Dave and Leslie, who started cruising 14 years ago with their 6 and 8-year-old daughters aboard a Ranger 33.  It was really neat to get to hear about their experiences.

Today a 48-foot wooden catamaran with 5 kids aboard came in to stay for a couple months.  Lorelei has hit it off well with their 3-year-old.  They spent 45 minutes chasing each other around and doctoring her fluffy pillow. We're looking forward to getting to know them all better.

visiting Texas Two-Step

The girls loved their trampolines

Leslie and Dave with Lorelei