Our initial move aboard date has come and gone, and we are still living in a vacation rental on South Hutchinson Island. After discovering that the engine work would most likely require us to move off for a week or two we decided to extend our stay at Ocean Village for a month and try and get the work done first.

It is nice to have a little more time to get things done. I still haven't finished the sheets yet! I keep debating about whether to use nice cotton or linen.  I just need to make a decision and move on it! I also need to find some nice compressed foam to make a new bed for us out of. Ours has had quite a bit of water damage, and I'm pretty sure it needs replacing.

We are getting a little more comfortable with the idea of actually taking Lark out sometime in the near future! We put up her sails, and discovered a couple of spots where they need to be repaired, but they are small, and I think I can probably manage it myself. Jacob and I have both had solo maneuvering lessons aboard too.  I took her out of the slip, down the fairway and into the river. I turned her several times and then brought her back to the slip. I backed her in by pointing her bow at the boat kitty corner to us, and using the prop-walk to bring her in. It all went surprisingly smoothly! It definitely helps to have calm-and-collected Captain Jack there to coach me along the way.

hanging out on the water with Captain Jack
In other news, along with starting back to own-schooling, the girls and I have also started participating in some Parent's Educating on the Treasure Coast events. We went to their back to school bash, which was a nice way to connect with some other homeschooling families. I also volunteered to teach one of their co-op classes and that started last week. The co-op meets every other week for a total of 6 times in the fall and 6 times in the spring and the kids can sign up for up to 3 hours of classes. The girls enjoyed it, and will hopefully make some friends!

My class, Drawing and Painting, was a little intense! There were 15 kids ages 3-8 with paint all talking over one another and over me! I had to abandon most of my lesson plan after the first 5 minutes, and just let them free paint. I do not know how preschool teachers manage! I could have really used a glass of wine and a sensory deprivation room after the whole experience. 5 classes left and I think I have a few good ideas about getting the situation under control from the start next time...it involves snacks.

We took the weekend off and had some fun! After my boating lesson we hit the Farmer's Market, and went to the beach.

dancing at the Farmer's Market

hatched turtle nest

Sweet Pea gets so excited when Jacob body surfs