hiking to the memorial
my beautiful, adventurous grandmother
Audrey and I flew back to Colorado over Labor Day weekend to celebrate Verna. My mom hosted a lovely memorial service at her house in the mountains. We took a nice small hike to a cool cairn that my brother built. We all shared memories and stories about Verna, sang Fly Away by Johnny Cash, and sprinkled her ashes. Everyone had great stories about Verna's amazing sense of humor, loyalty, generosity, and adventurous spirit. She was such an amazing woman, and I feel so lucky to have had the years I did with her. After the memorial, we had a great feast followed by chocolate cake, Verna's favorite.

It was the first time I had been back in Colorado since her death, and everything was reminding of her. I spent a lot of time crying. I feel like it was really healing though to be surrounded by so many others that loved her so deeply too.
making 'slaw' with Nani

Audrey and I also managed to fit in some visiting with friends and family while in town. Our lives have been in such a flux lately, that we both talked about how nice it was to be in such a familiar place again for a while. By the end of the weekend though, we were also both excited to return back to Jacob and Lorelei! 

Playing at Eben G. Fine with friends. 

Audrey and Evan at Into The Wind

visiting with a Pearl Street regular
the airport train in Orlando