I had an interesting appointment with Tim the diesel guy.  What was planned as a lesson on routine maintenance turned into Tim convincing me that we really do need to take the engine out, rebuild the stringer where it's mounted, then remount it.

That and he showed me where the secondary fuel pump under the galley sink was dripping diesel, so I got to wedge in there and do some more unplanned  engine maintenance.  Hooray! It actually was pretty fun though.  He can't do the mounts until October though which gives me time to get a couple other opinions on it.

Hopefully I'll get my raw water pump back from him in time to reinstall it later this week and get our next few Cap'n Jack lessons on our own boat.

We also spotted what looks very much like where a siphon brake would be installed, meaning that we don't have to remodel the entire aft cabin to install a riser to prevent seawater entering the pistons after all.  That sure would be nice.

And the air conditioner works!  It's nice and comfy down below now.  It's such a weird thing because at our survey the seller was so puzzled that it wouldn't run, when we weren't plugged into shore power, the seacock was closed and the reset button was out.  Had he never even run it?  But then why was he so surprised that it didn't run?  It's head-scratcher.

I also have Richard the South African refit guy coming to look at our leaky diesel tank this week.  Turns out he keeps his boat two docks over at the same marina as Lark.

Then Jim the refrigeration guy is coming to look at, what else, the refrigeration.

It will be great to have all these things squared away.

We didn't get the dinghy down yet but we will soon by golly!

I'll do a little lifeline netting tomorrow morning.