We've been stocking up on live-aboard stuff. April got her set of nesting pans for the galley and a micro-fiber towel we've been eying.  It's supposed to be super absorbent and fast-drying, so we'll give it a try and if works out, order several more.  We picked up a drinking-water hose and I got a set of the coolest little ratcheting wrenches with "chamfered lead-ins" which I can't wait to try out on my rebuilt raw water pump.

Tomorrow morning I'm getting some lessons in maintenance procedures for the Perkins with my man Tim from Florida Marine Diesel.  Afterward the girls and I will hopefully make some headway on our exploding to-do-aboard list and splash around at the pool at the marina a little.  

We're going to see about getting the dinghy down off Lark's roof.  Audrey's been dying to take it out for a spin, so we'll try.  Maybe we'll be able to strap it onto the Nissan's roof rack and bring it over to Jaycee Park.

I keep discovering new compartments aboard Lark with neat things in them.  Today I found three new compartment in the V-berth containing spare parts for the Perkins, 2 more sails, a big old anchor, and some canvas in nice shape which I think goes on the cockpit structure.