We have 4 weekends left, including this one, until we plan to move aboard full-time.  Like all boat-owners we have a list too long to think about of things that could and should and really ought to be done.  We are focusing now only the absolutely critical items.  Those are to get the raw water pump reinstalled on the engine so we can move the boat to yet another slip; to figure out what's going on with the bilge blower and hoses; to fix the leaky opening port over the aft bunk; to get the A/C and icebox working; to get the water system cleaned out and working; and to get sheets and blankets squared away.  But hey, we have 4 weeks so no worries. 

In the meantime we have charted a 30-60 hour course of study with our man, Captain Jack, the ASA instructor and USCG Master over the next several weeks and months, beginning with 4 more weeks of twice-a-week 2-hour sessions on boat-handling around the docks and marina.  He's certified to teach through ASA 106 and the sessions we've had with him so far have been really great learning experiences and lots of fun and we got to bring the kids along so we're just generally thrilled.

We replaced 3 of 4 docklines today and got lifelines to install tomorrow.