All of these goodbyes are starting to take a toll on me. Not only am I not a pretty cryer, but I always feel like I've been hit by a truck afterwards. I've also gotten two pimples in the last day, which is very unusual for me. I think I'm a little stressed! We have a lot of good friends here that we are really going to miss!

Last week we went to the Carousel of Happiness for old times' sake then met lots of friends for a picnic at our old favorite park up in Nederland. At the end I found myself desperately trying to schedule one more play date in order to postpone having to truly say goodbye. Then yesterday was the  last day of Kinderheart (Audrey's homeschool supplement program). It was a really special walk down memory lane followed by a fun picnic. We all really enjoyed it, but the end was so rough saying goodbye and realizing we may never again see these friends who have become so special to us. It was immediately followed by dinner with two families that are part of a homeschool social network we spend time with and have made us feel so normal and welcome the last year. By the end of the day I was a puddle with stingy sore eyes and zero energy.


Thankfully, Audrey has a great attitude, and seems to keep reminding me of why we are going through all of this. Yesterday she was really sad and saying that she wasn't sure she wanted to leave, but then quickly said, 'But I'm really excited to move to Florida! I like it there, and our house is even going to take us to all kinds of new places!' I think it is a lesson to me to keep the end goal of our fantastic family adventure in mind, and hopefully that will lessen the sting of leaving!

Also, I just realized we haven't made our new developments totally clear. We made an offer on another boat in Florida that was accepted. Jacob leaves tomorrow for the survey, and if everything goes well we will close on the boat on June 16th! We are hoping to rent a furnished apartment near the boat in Ft. Pierce for the first couple of months in order to get the boat ready to live on. More details on the boat soon!