We got a late start. We all slept until 10a, and by the time we got out of the hotel room it was 11:30a. We stopped at one of Jacobs favorite restaurants for brunch, Cracker Barrel.

We found out that my grandmother died last night in her sleep, so honestly this whole day has felt like a blur. I spent most of the day thinking of her, writing down my memories and sifting through old pictures. I think I have only taken one photo of Kansas.

We have been listening to the audiobook of Little House on the Prairie in anticipation of our trip to Rocky Ridge Farm tomorrow! Audrey has heard Jacob read the series three times, including the Rose series. Lorelei has heard it twice, so we are all really excited. Surprisingly I had never read any of the books until I married Jacob and Audrey was born.

Audrey will climb trees wherever she finds them. Even gas station parking lots.
goofing around with Daddy on the road. 
We stopped for the night in Bolivar, Missouri around 9:30p central time. Only one hotel in this town allows dogs, and we tried the other two first...not even the Super 8 is pet friendly here. The place we stayed was a standard roadside motel, but it had two queen beds, and it appeared clean. The girls played their standard game of bed hopping and making human bridges between the beds while we settled in. We have a purple yoga mat with us, that Lorelei has decided she prefers to the bed, and honestly, Jacob and I prefer it too. It means we don't have to build a pillow barrier between them, and spend an hour shushing them once it is lights out.