We definitely didn't fit in everything on our list of favorite things before hitting the road (Jacob is pretty bummed we didn't make it back to Thai Restaurant in Ned), but we definitely spent some quality time with our friends and family! I spent way too much time crying, and promising to visit. Thankfully lots of our loved ones are big travelers, so hopefully we will make their lists of people to visit in the near future.

Here are some favorite moments:
Audrey with her friend Tesla and two adorable puppies

silliness with my friends
saying goodbye to Audrey's circus skills teacher

sitting on the dock with Uncle Jim

Audrey and her cousin Zach

Lorelei and Zander ready for the pool

saying goodbye to her friend Ellie

sitting by the lake with Van, they have been friends since birth!

watching IMAX with Nani

The girls also were able to spend a week at Sunflower Farm, which was definitely one of our favorite day camps in Colorado. They had a blast!

The girls really enjoyed having their friends Michael and Lee in camp with them!