• Math (30 min)
    • History (30 min)
    • Grammar (15 min)
    • reading
    • kumon workbooks
    • puzzles
    • blocks
    • art
Mid morning:
  • A Spelling (20 min)
  • A Composition (20 min) 
  • A&L swimming lessons on Monday
  • A Circus Skills on Friday
  • A&L Science (45 min)
  • Poem practice
  • Family Reading

  • A Math (30 min)
  • Poem practice
  • Family Reading
  • Audrey read aloud
  • Ancient Literature
  • Fun story time 

Up next
Science: Read Lessons from Green Thumbs: A Kids Activity Guide to Indoor and Outdoor Gardening. Perform experiment on how plants drink. Color Wildflowers from North America. Keep a plant journal.

Composition: WWE: 1 Week 27: A Christmas Carol. Days 1-4. Finish writing new thank you cards.

Spelling: SWB Lesson 27. Write out new spelling cards plus bonus words.

History: SotWV1, Chapter 28 the Roman Empire. Text Book, review questions, map work, narration, and copy work.

Grammar: FLL Lessons 83, pronouns and is and are. Lesson 88, writing dates.

Math: splashmath, and begin SMPMW1ASE Unit 6 numbers to 20.

Ancient Literature: Norse Myths

TYCTR: Lessons 4 and 5.