We had a busy and fairly productive weekend. We listed more than 15 of our big items for sale on Craigslist and Boulder Rockin' Moms. That involved a massive cleaning and organizing project just to get them all photo ready. Thankfully it is already starting to pay off. We have sold our 3 large shelving units in the garage, and a 9 cube storage unit. Also, we have had lots of interest in most of the other items, so hopefully those will be gone soon too. Nobody seems to want my big mural of bears in the woods though :(. I loved that mural so much, and thought for sure it would be a hit around here...but no takers so far.

We also packed our box of books, and sorted out 3 large apple boxes worth of books to get rid of. We hauled the books over to the local 2nd hand book shop hoping to sell a bunch, and walked out with $8. I don't know why I haven't learned my lesson about that yet. If someone would have asked if I wanted $8 to carry all of those books around, load and unload them and wait around for an hour while they were sorted, I would have said, 'No, thank you!'. Oh well. We did get to leave most of the books there in their free bins, so at least we didn't have to haul them home.

We got most of what we had hoped to get done, done this weekend. We still need to tackle the games, ownschool and kitchen boxes. After that we will be packing into suitcases and planning for our road trip! Things are getting real around here. 

No big news to report on the boat front at this point, though John did alleviate our concerns about the hours on the Reliance's Perkins 4-236.  He said his Volvo has 13000 hours and going strong.  Of course it's all hugely dependent on the maintenance regimen the engine has seen and we have no real way of knowing about that, but the seller's an engineer which is a good sign.

One really good feature about the layout of the Reliance 44 is that it has symmetrical quarter berths which could give the girls each a separate private space.  In this instance the seller has cannibalized half the starboard q-berth for a nav station, which we would now have re-cannibalize for a q-berth, but what do you do?