So here's that scheme I promised:  we're going to take a serious shot at three boats we love in Florida (a Reliance 44, a Brewer 12.8, and an Ericson 36) and if one pans out, we'll go live on it.  If not we'll plan on Puget Sound through fall and then probably Florida for the winter if we haven't found a boat or needed to change jobs in the meantime.

Here are the numbers for these vessels:

Brewer 12.8Reliance 44Ericson 36c
Disp (lbs)2385028,00017,200
D/L ratio276.96402.99284.39
SA/D ratio17.0915.6713.35
Bal/D 46.1240.0033.72
Capsize screening1.881.541.86
Comfort ratio31.5446.1530.31
Hull speed7.787.517.34

The Brewer is the most liveable, and a capable passage maker.  By its numbers, the Reliance is the best passage maker of all the boats we've considered, and by a long shot.  The Ericson is a respectable little boat, feels about half as capable and liveable, but also costs about half what the others do, which is a big point in its favor.

Aside from working and own-schooling full-time, we are pushing on 6 fronts of this project now:
- buying a boat
- finding a place to live for a couple months in Florida should we succeed
- finding a place to live for a few months on Puget Sound otherwise
- bandwidth
- figuring out what we'll keep and fitting into our 12 27-gallon bins
- getting rid of the rest by selling, donating, and dumping.

I do believe that this is the busiest we'll ever be.  I hope so anyway.

Hotspur has made landfall in Hiva Oa, while Fluenta is should be crossing the equator soon.

Audrey participating in the May Pole festival on May Day at Kinderheart.