So it was a great weekend for  packing.

April finished her craft and keepsake boxes which were tough, and I'm really proud of her.  I did my tools and hardware.  We have also gotten started on our school and game boxes.

So what remains for packing at this point is to finish those, do the kitchen and books, and finally to seal them all up and switch to living out of suitcases for our last three weeks starting on 5/25.  From there out we'll be entirely focused on unloading. 

No news yet on the Brewer 12.8.  Tomorrow morning is the deadline. 

It was an interesting interview on This American Life with Eric and Charlotte.  It left me with more questions unanswered than I had before though: 

Why did Eric scuttle the boat?  Was he forced to do that or was it his choice?

How did the radio come to life when the ANG plane arrived?  Had he managed to get it working again after all?  If so, was that before or after igniting the EPIRB? 

What about the reports we'd heard that running the engine caused the boat to take on more water?  They never mentioned anything about it in this interview. 

What did Eric mean about the boom hitting the water when they broached?  What else would it do?  And how did the boom hitting the water cause the hull-to-deck joint to begin to leak?

How did they conclude that they were still 3 weeks out from the Marquesas?  They were already 16 days in to what's normally a 3-week passage.

None of this is supposed to sound like second-guessing, I'm just still not quite getting how it all happened. 

Well anyway, I still can't even imagine what they went through or are going through now.  I've long admired them and their adventure, and I hope they are all able to recover and find peace over what happened.