Audrey has really discovered reading for fun! It is awesome. She loves to read, and carries a book with her everywhere now. Today she couldn't even put the book down while I fixed her hair. I have read that the beginning of reading is just about learning to read, and at some point it switches to reading to learn. I believe that is what just happened for Audrey. She is appreciating and enjoying reading in a whole new way. The only downside is that it is leaving her with way less time to play with Lorelei. We have been seeing a new surge of sibling disagreements. It took me a couple of days to realize what it was, and now I have been trying to convince Lorelei to ask her sister nicely to play, instead of just getting angry and throwing things at her. Next step, convince Audrey to set down the book long enough to answer her politely and give her some attention without discouraging her reading.

sneaking up on the reader
We had a nice morning today, of selling a few pieces of furniture, then going out for sushi, and taking a family hike. It felt like a big step to start selling things again. We are getting so close to our move date, and it is a little daunting thinking about how drastically we still need reduce.

Here are a few pictures of what the girls have been up to:

Lorelei's preschool questionare

her accompanying self portrait
The water dragon Audrey made at Kinderheart
We discovered a human body display at the library, and the girls were all over it. Our unit on the human body made a big impression. Audrey was able to name most of the body parts as she put them back in too. 
Lorelei assembling the brain.