- started ch 22 in f SotWV1 on Athens and Sparta
- answered review questions
- gave and copied dictation

- reviewed addition facts within 10
- reviewed number bonds for 0-4
- reviewed subtraction techniques
  - counting on from the the subtrahend to the minuend
  - counting down from the minuend to the subtrahend
  - taking away the subtrahend
- Identified nouns and verbs in the first stanza of "The Three Little Kittens"

I helped L work some jigsaw puzzles.

- did the next lesson from MCPB (26?) 
- read library books on butterflies
- wrote a sentence on butterflies
- drew a picture diagramming parts of a butterfly

- WWE: 1 Week 20, Days 3 and 4

- Started reading L "Hamlet" from Illustrated Stories from Shakespeare
- I read to A&L the second half of the third chpater of  Moominland Midwinter.
- April read aloud to A&L from D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths
- Audrey read aloud the third chapter from Midnight on the Moon.