I'm a fan of celebrating birthdays in a big way! I love birthdays and there is something about making a big deal out of my kid's birthdays that is really fun to me, and I hope to them. We do a birthday week around here, and for Audrey's 6th we really crammed that week full of awesome parties.

Audrey has been wanting an American Girl for a very long time and saving up her money for one. Jacob and I decided that we would help her buy one for her birthday, so last weekend we invited some good friends to join us at the American Girl Store and pick one out. It is a very big to-do. Audrey finally decided on a Caroline doll, that not only looks a lot like her, but also SAILS! She is so excited. After picking out the doll, we all went next door and ate dinner with the dolls, and then to top it all off Audrey's friend Athena came home with us for a sleep-over (where not too much sleeping happened).

Audrey with her new American Girl, Caroline

Lorelei, Audrey and Athena with their girls

Eating out with the girls
We also had a play date with some of our homeschool friends and had a little birthday party while there. Then, the day before Audrey's birthday we met more great friends at Chuck E Cheese for a birthday party. Our realtor had given us a gift certificate there as a closing gift, and this was a great opportunity to use it. Audrey loved it! Her favorite part was cashing in her 176 tickets for some really cheap junk that she forgot in the car the next day. She has been asking when we can go back every other day since.

Chuck E. Cheese
Michael giving Lo a lift

She went to her homeschool supplemental program on her actual birthday and they did a really beautiful party for her. It starts with putting on the birthday play where Audrey chooses the cast and then acts out her arrival on earth. Then we had a treat, and everyone collaborated in a sweet birthday mural. I was invited to the party and it all felt so special!

Audrey's decorate-your-own cupcake treats at Kinderheart

Working on her mural
The finished product
Grampsy flew in for the festivities. For her birthday dinner she chose Benihana. She loved the teppanyaki show! Grampsy also helped us orchestrate yet another birthday party. Audrey decided she wanted a ski birthday this year, which Jacob and I thought was very fitting considering this will probably be our last year living so close to a ski hill for a while. Some friends met Audrey at Eldora and skied in the morning, then we had a fun party in the lodge, complete with a craft and cake. Jacob said it was his favorite party yet! I have to say, it was nice. I didn't go too overboard with trying to make 30 tutus or Rapunzel hair pieces like I have in the past, and I didn't stress over the food, and just brought easy snacks. Oh - and bonus, skiing with her awesome skier friend Chaaya gave Audrey the courage to ski her first double black diamond run!


Audrey with her Grampsy
Birthday beignets with Grampsy
Lorelei helping to pick out the birthday party decorations…I think she's in the wrong aisle.

Riding the lift with Grampsy
Skiing with her friend Grace

Riding the lift with the birthday girl

Making snow globes at the ski party

Snow globes

Spending time with Nani at the birthday party

At Eldora

Whew! Now that birthday week is over we are all a little tired and ready to just get back into our routine.

In random other cool news, Audrey and Lorelei getting their picture taken for swimmers of the month during birthday week.