What Went Well
  • Audrey is making progress on number bonds.  Jacob wants to just work on these until they're really solid, because he believes knowing them all cold is key to everything else coming easily.
  • April reached out to the Living Classroom community about homeschooling both kids when one is only 3, and got a couple of  good ideas to try:
    • switching attention to a different kid every 10 minutes
    • giving Lorelei more choice in her school time activities
  • Switched back to our animal unit in science and both girls were excited to learn about marsupials this week. 
  • Made it to the library to check out books on this week's science topic and next week's -- the giant panda…which fits in with her everything China kick.
  • Audrey is reading aloud really well, and choosing to do it on her own quite often these days.
  • Took advantage of the flexibility homeschooling allows us to capitalize on the China kick and jump forward to Chapter 32 in SotWV1 on ancient China. 
  • Finally got around to doing a taped recitation of our latest poem, "What Are Heavy" by Christina Rossetti. 
  • Played the Save the Whale game for number bond practice. 

Areas for Improvement
  • Poem practice went a little slack again.
  • Forgot to do grammar lessons.
Action Items
  • Set up Spanish computer.
  • Order the extra practice from Singapore Math.
  • Order clear frogs.
  • Put science field-trips on the calendar:
    • Butterfly Pavilion for tarantulas and scorpions
    • zoo
  • Buy some new writing paper.
  • Find out how long the Maya exhibit is at the Nature and Science museum and plan a trip to accompany studying Mayans after we finish China. 
  • Order a new Spelling Workout book
  • Download The Reluctant Dragon by Kenneth Grahame.
Schedule for the week
    • Thursday: Audrey's 6th Birthday!!!
      • early
        • Math: number bonds
        • Spelling: 20 stars
      • Morning
        • Grampsy arrives
        • Kinderheart
        • Mt. View
    • Friday 
      • early
        • Math: number bonds
        • Grammar: lesson 72
        • History: SotWV1, section 1 of Ch. 21: The Medes and the Persians
        • reading, TYCTR, Kumon, or coloring with Lorelei
      • morning
        • Composition:  finish Ch. 17 in WWE: 1
        • Swimming Lessons
        • Spelling: bee
      • afternoon
        • Science: read books on giant pandas
        • self directed quiet time
    Audrey reciting poetry