We had a very relaxing, though productive day. We cleaned all morning in preparation for our first appointment with an estate sale company. It didn't go quite as hoped, but more on that later. The upside is the house feels livable again!

Audrey and Lorelei both spent hours and hours being creative today. It is amazing how Lorelei's attention span grows when it's a task of her own choosing!  They worked on painting thank-you cards. Audrey also wrote out 5 of them, which we are calling her composition lesson for the day. During quiet time today, Audrey and Jacob played the Number Bond Game, and Audrey decided to work on some bedding for her fairies. She did some very pretty embroidering (thank you for the supplies Emily and Eliza!)


Lorelei's paintings

The thank you card Audrey made for her sister. Front: "You shine like the sun" Back: "Dear Lorelei, You are the best sister ever. Thank you for the card. Love, Audrey PS and thanks for the neckles" (Lorelei gave Audrey a BFF necklace for her birthday :).
Playing the Number Bonds game (of Jacob's invention). She loves it!

Embroidering some bedding for her fairy house.

The finished work