Audrey and I played number-bond cards.  With a deck of fours sets of cards from 0 to 10, we each pick a number, also from 0 to 10, and grab pairs of cards adding up to our number.  Of course, the person with the higher number always wins, though she hasn't realized that yet.  She just loves consistently beating me.

We also reviewed the meaning of first, second, and third person, and singular and plural, and reviewed our memorized lists of first person singular and plural personal pronouns.  She's got them all down pat.

We read the first section of the chapter on ancient Americans from SotWV1on the Nazca lines.  What an amazing thing!  We answered review questions and Audrey gave dictation and copied what she told me in summary.

We reviewed "Devotion" by Robert Frost at dinner.  I think we've all got that one pretty well now.

April read Lo Tiki Tiki Tembo for school, and I snuck in for cuddles.

We read aloud the story of the Eight Immortals going to sea from Cloud Weavers: Ancient Chinese Legends, a chapter from Little Town in the Ozarks, and Audrey read aloud Chapter 8 from The Knight at Dawn.