We finished up our Human Body unit in Science with a field trip to Denver Museum of Nature and Science. This has been a fun unit! We have covered 14 chapters in First Human Body Encyclopedia. The chapters covered all the major body systems, health, life cycle and communication. It has definitely been a big hit with Audrey and I have learned a ton too! We had been planning another 10 weeks on the animal kingdom when she fell in love with a human body model at the local toy store. We decided to strike while the iron was hot, so we switched mid unit. Now that we have completed this unit the plan is to return to animals. I think we will be ordering some clear frogs to study!

At the museum we mainly wanted to check out their human body exhibit, Expedition Health, but we also saw the new South Pacific IMAX movie, Egyptian mummies, and dinosaurs.

Expedition Health was a neat exhibit. They had tons of interactive stations to learn about different body systems. The girls especially enjoyed the exhibit that measured your gait as you ran past a camera, and then told you how much energy you consumed. We also did the aging your face machine with Audrey (Lorelei wouldn't sit still long enough for it to work on her). It was a little creepy. It shows what you will look like every year up to 70 with normal aging and with the effects of UV exposure.

Measuring her heart rate.

Watching muscles move.

Audrey in 2078.

Ready for some IMAX 3D.