We started a new own-school routine today. The plan was for me to wake up a little earlier than usual and have breakfast ready as soon as Jacob finished his work with the girls. Immediately after breakfast, I would start the first half of my work with the girls. They are normally WAY more focused and interested in working in the mornings. We were only going to save our school that involved cuddling on the couch for the afternoon.

It is a fantastic plan! I only hope it goes better on Wednesday. Jacob and I think we are experiencing some extinction behavior….where things get worse before they get better. They fought this morning, and scribbled on each other's paper, until Audrey had to get moved to the little table. We did have about 5 minutes of wonderful behavior, which is when I took the pictures.

I think once this plan becomes routine they will do well with it, and realize that when Mom gets up it is still fun school time and not free-for-all play time! Wish us luck!