I took another big step toward our goal today! I purged!

I had a brilliant idea to pretend pack for four separate trips: a beach vacation, a ski vacation, a spring trip to Chicago, and a work function. I made packing lists, and laid all the clothes out on the bed as if I were really taking each vacation. When I was done I asked Jacob to collect everything that was left in the drawers and closet and put them in bags to donate.  I was afraid to do it myself…I probably would have chickened out. The final result - my wardrobe has been cut down to less than half of its original size! Jacob hauled out three 30 gallon bags full of clothes!

It's really hard for me to get rid of things, so this was one of the steps I most dreaded. I'm full of reasons why I haven't worn things in 10 years, or why I know they will fit again in the future. I think it will be a lot easier to stay on top of my laundry now, and instead of missing those clothes, it feels really good to be carrying a lighter load!

Here are some pictures for last weekend. My dad was here, and we spent most of our time in Summit County.

riding the chair lift with Daddy

playing at the Silverthorne Rec Center

International Ice Sculpting Festival

The Ice Castle in Breckenridge

warming Audrey's feet after the Ice Castle (she refused to wear her snow boots!)

skiing with my dad

Family picture with the smoking pig in front of the bbq restaurant

moments after a snowball fight with Grampsy