I saw this picture on a blog we follow and was in complete awe:

This is everything that their family of 4 owns. They are moving from a boat in Mazatlan onto a vintage RV. Granted they have had years of living in tight places to adjust to very few belongings, but it is inspiring!

We are just a little over 6 months away from leaving Colorado, and we still have SO MUCH stuff! I'm still so worn out from selling the house that it seems really difficult to continue the purge effort, but I better get used to the idea that I have to do it. I have been mulling over different ideas…like packing for a trip and then throwing everything else out, or just letting Jacob do his magic and start tossing. Unfortunately, I think we could actually really help our cruising efforts if I put everything on Craigslist. It is hard work, but I'm working on my motivation. In fact I think it is my New Years resolution!

Speaking of moving. We have been working hard on deciding where our next stop will be. I think we have it narrowed down to 3 general locations.

  1. Fort Lauderdale: 
    • pros: cost of living is the lowest of the three, lots of boats, relatively easy to find an affordable live-a-board slip, it is never cold 
    • cons: hurricane season, really hot, not a great job market
  2. Seattle: 
    • pros: cost of living is close to the one we are used to, lots of boats, easy to find an affordable live-aboard slip, good job market 
    • cons: it gets cold in the winter, which may be difficult while living aboard. 
  3. San Diego: 
    • pros: nice temperate weather, good job market 
    • cons: high cost of living, not tons of live-aboard slips
We will let you know when we decide. For now we are staying very busy with holidays and two little girls. We had a wonderful Christmas with family, and we are planning a quiet New Years Eve at home with a pot of cheese fondue and maybe some board games with the girls. 

Oh- and for Christmas Jacob spoiled me with a fancy new camera! We have taken multiple hikes since so I could practice my photography. It is so fun taking pictures with it! The camera also came with 6 photography classes, which I can't wait to use! 

Here are some pictures with the new Sony DSLR:
enjoying multiple gifts at once (dress-up and recorder)

The most photogenic dog in the world!

the hiking princess