I love Christmas! All things Christmas! Well, maybe not the shopping mobs and the insane traffic…but everything else. I can barely restrain myself to wait on Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, and I just caught myself daydreaming about taking the month of December off of all activities so that we could focus on going to Christmasy shows and staying home to make crafts.

We had a wonderful family day today! We went to see Frozen with the girls this morning and then during quiet-time Audrey and I worked on some homemade Christmas presents (hint: fairy and tea related) while Lorelei slept. We put up the tree yesterday, so the whole house smells wonderful! It was perfect, sipping tea, listening to music and enjoying the Christmas tree all lit up!

Jacob and I discussed where we thought we would be next year at this time. Maybe on our boat? We might need a smaller tree if that is the case.