A couple of weeks ago we were shopping for a birthday present at Grand Rabbits and Audrey fell in love with a human body model. She spent at least 40 minutes oohing and awing over it and reading the entire box. After that she asked if we could please learn about the human body. We were in the middle of learning about animals in science, but that is the nice thing about homeschooling. Change of plans!

We originally planned to do 20 weeks of animals, 10 weeks of human body, and 6 weeks of plants and gardening. We had only made it through 10 weeks of animals, so we plan to go back to it before plants.

We started human body today, and after we had read the introduction of our new book we unveiled the pièce de résistance, the model!  She was so excited. We put it together several times, and then she even named it, Ali.