We sold the house, started homeschooling, have set an end date to our time in Colorado....but now what? We aren't sure where we will go in June when our lease ends.

Here are some of the places we are considering:

  • Seattle
  • Portland
  • San Francisco
  • San Diego
  • La Paz
  • South Florida (Ft. Lauderdale?)
  • North Carolina
  • Chesapeake
  • Hawaii
  • New Zealand

This is a partially brainstormed list of the criteria we want to use to decide:
  • How big the boat market is
  • Boat Prices
  • Slip Prices
  • Can we live aboard year round
  • Job Market
  • Weather
  • How easy is it to practice our cruising
  • availability of cruising training
  • Cost of living
In other news, we are unpacking very slowly, but it is starting to come together. We will probably be done just in time to sell it all and move again. One of my big goals for the next move is to find a way to offer lots of stability to the girls. This last move from Nederland was harder on us all then we had hoped for. We were deeply connected to both the town/people and the house. Also, because the girls were acting so excited about the apartment, it never crossed my mind that it was the only home they had ever had.

The first few days in the apartment were wonderful for them. They loved the novelty of sleeping in the same room! It was like vacation. Then after a few days Audrey asked, 'Mom, can we go home now?' That was a little heartbreaking. I still believe that this all will be a wonderful experience for our family that will be incredibly bonding...but the transitions are hard. 

Riding her imaginary unicorn Starlight

practicing her gymnastics moves

Grampsy flew in just for Lorelei's birthday!