Thanks so much to our wonderful circle of friends in Nederland who organized a sending-off party for us and said so many nice things to us and offered so much encouragement and excitement for our big adventure, not to mention contributing so generously to our boat fund.  You guys are really wonderful friends and we feel so lucky to have you in our lives.

We had good success with our moving sale this weekend, both in reducing our load and in funding our adventure.  We have been packing furiously for days.  Saturday is moving day.  Len flew all the way out just to help us this weekend which will be a tremendous help.

Audrey continues to make great daily progress, while we continue to gain confidence in ownschooling

April and the girls having been trying with mixed result to overcome a tenacious bug which has finally begun to breach my immune defenses as well, just in time for moving weekend. 

Audrey climbing trees at Kinderheart