Well that was fun.  The movers didn't show so we were left scrambling.

We are in the new place for the second night but still have a truckload of stuff to deal with. 

Everyone's sick but me.  School has been on the back burner.  Tomorrow I hope we'll be able to turn in the moving truck finally, and take a breather.

Closing is Tuesday.  

We all had a good cry looking at the places we spent our first days and nights home with our babies, and rocked them to sleep, and changed their diapers and watched them learn to walk, and enjoyed the company of family and friends.  I could start crying again right now.  

So anyway, now we have 8 months to continue to cut mercilessly at our load.  We thought we'd cut pretty deep but we need go way deeper, as two 24-foot truckloads attest.

So yeah.  As expected,  we built a lot of character.

our last picture of the view at 252 Switzerland Trail