We have been seriously contemplating getting an RV after the house sells and living in that until we find our boat. Jacob would like to stick around Colorado through the spring though, for his job, which would mean spending the winter in this cold climate.

After doing lots of research on exactly where we would park all winter we discovered that most RV parks close in October and only a small number stay open all year and have full hook ups. There is a really beautiful one in downtown Golden, right on the creek with a lovely park next door, that looks just right. The only problem is that it is extremely hard to get into to. It is small and fills up fast for the winter. The advice from the people that work there is to show up on September 17th, when they are still on a 14 day maximum stay schedule and park your RV, then on October 1st, when they go to monthly rental you are ready to sign up. Supposedly last year there was a line on the magic day in September and several people were turned away.

There are three problems with this scenario for us:

  1. If we don't get a spot then we have no other place to park our RV
  2. The house sale doesn't close until November 15th, and we don't really want to pay two months of RV rent for nothing
  3. We don't have an RV yet, and would need to find one and find the money to buy it in 14 days.

Speaking of RV rent though, it is CHEAP. It would only be $630 a month including all of our utilities (i.e. unlimited heat, fresh water and sewage pumping). If our main goal for the next chapter is to save money so that we can get to cruising faster and do it longer, this would definitely help!

The alternative to RVing is for us to get an apartment. We went apartment hunting this weekend (last weekend was RV hunting) and we really like one in Louisville! It is clean, had great amenities, and is pretty reasonably priced (not by RV park standards though).

An apartment would definitely be an easier way to spend the winter, but we would have to sign a 6 month lease, so no picking up and leaving when the right boat found us.

We will keep you posted on what we decide!

RV shopping

apartment shopping