HS journal 9/28
    lessons 14 "middle names," 16 "full names," 17 "names of places," 18 "your city and state," 19 "places," 20 "states" (pp22, 24-29)
    week 4 day 4 narration and copywork "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"
    week3 "The First Writing"
        coloring page
        cuneiform writing
    week 4 "The Old Kingdom of Egypt"
        read both sections of chapter "Making Mummies," "Egyptian Pyramids"
        did review qsts for both set ions
    reading the history encyc
        "The First Farmers," "The First Towns," "The First Cities," "Crafts and Trade," "Kings and War," "Farmers of the Nile Valley," "Mummies and Pyramids"
    Audrey's doing great kicking and reaching with her arms and treading water
    Lorelei is like a little adorable fishy.  She's really fast in the water, but scarily brave about pushing off and swimming even though she doesn't know how to get her head out of the water. 
tyctr L1
rose cave
the yarn of the nancy ellen