Is the summer over already?! It has just whizzed by us, and there is still so much I wanted to pack in that I didn't. Not that we haven't already made the most of summer, as evidenced by my total neglect of my share of the blogging.

We spent lots of time at the pool, both in swimming lessons (both girls are now swimming short distances independently) and at the local outdoor pools just splashing around. Oh- and the pièce de résistance, Water World. We also spent several days in Grand Lake, Breckenridge, and Winter Park.

Broomfield Bay with Gramps

going over Trail Ridge Road

making friends in Grand Lake

pool party at Beaver Run

downtown Breckenridge with Gramps

Audrey did 3 week-long camps. She danced to live harp music and played in the woods building fairy houses for a week at Fairy Camp. Then she and Lorelei both went to Sunflower Farm for a week. It was Lorelei's first camp experience and she loved it. Last, Audrey spent a week at Avid4Adventure Camp. She said that was her favorite, although she loved them all. With Avid though, she begged for another week, and cried when I told her they were done for the summer. The first day they went rock climbing, the second day they kayaked, the third they mountain biked, the forth they canoed and the last they hiked. They also did some story-time yoga, art and music along with learn tons of new fun group games.

frolicking at Fairy Camp

walking through Fairy Camp with her friend Tatum

Sisters at Sunflower Farm

riding ponies at Sunflower Farm

ready to rock climb

kayaking with Edie

As far as moving closer to our goal of hitting the open sea, and far off ports, our house is under contract! Yea! Keeping the house clean enough for a showing all summer was exhausting. We still have not made it through the inspection process, so I will feel much more at ease once that is completed. The main new worry at the moment though is what to do with all of our stuff.

We have also finished our first aid and CPR class and signed up for the next step, wilderness survival.

Cheers to summer! You will be missed....sort of.

Here are a few more pictures of our fun-filled summer!

visiting with GranMiri and Papa

playing at the beach with Michael

partners yoga with Zander

visiting with Gramps and Holly

up close and personal with the cast of Wizard of Oz

Renaissance Festival

Elitch's with Michael

 S'mores at our Nederland family camping trip

The skirt Audrey made herself at her Fabricate sewing day-camp