28 minutes until our twice-extended inspection objection deadline passes.  At this point it's basically insignificant since we've already executed resolution to the objections, but I'll still feel better when it's passed.

What to do with ourselves now?  The moment is not really right to move to the coast.  That will probably be in spring.  We'd love to get ourselves a gracefully aging (read cheap) RV to bridge the gap until we find our boat.  But what about winter in Colorado?  Where can we park ourselves, and how do we not freeze?

We'll continue trying to figure it all out...

April and the girls kicked butt for our first full school week.  We decided to go ahead and throw Rosetta Stone Spanish into the mix, because math, biology, history, handwriting, spelling, grammar, composition, and ancient literature just isn't a sufficient course-load for a kindergartener.