• Math: Earlybird Kindergarten Mathematics (Singapore Math) B textbook, pp. 5-13 (11.3 - first half of 11.7)
  • Spelling: Modern Curriculum Press Spelling Workout Level A, pp. 77, 78 (first half of Lesson 19)
  • Reading aloud:
    • Jacob: Daulaire's Greek Myth pp. ?? on centaurs, Syrinx, Daphne, Esclepius, Hygeia
    • April: several pages of The Girl who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making
    • Audrey: Fancy Nancy and the Late, Late, LATE Night
  • Swim class at Ocean First
    • swimming the pool width and streamlining
    • working on 
      • windmill arms
      • floating

  • Jacob read aloud Little House on Rocky Ridge "Going Home" chapter 
  • Swim class at Ocean First
    • swimming independently without arms
    • working on flutter kick with arms